How Do I Get My Girlfriend To Orgasm Through Sex?

Frustration. Is your girlfriend thinking “WTF was that?” after sex with you?

She might be judging by the number of times I see this question asked on forums or through email. Many women can orgasm through clitoral stimulation, but find it difficult to have an orgasm during sex. The result is women who are frustrated and disappointed with their man’s bedroom performance (or lack thereof!).

Your Roadmap To Giving Her Earth Shattering Orgasms

There are 2 ingredients to giving your woman an orgasm during intercourse:

1. Creating intimacy and desire.

Women need to feel a sense of intimacy in order to orgasm. For women, sex is more mental than physical. If your lady is stressed, upset with how her body looks, mad at you, etc. she will not be able to orgasm very easily (or maybe not at all). It is up to you to make her feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease.

You also need to create a connection with her. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dating or been married, your woman still needs to feel that connection before she will be “in the mood.” Try doing something nice for her like running an errand for her or taking care of some issue that is stressing her out.

Desire is also a key. If you have trouble giving your lady an orgasm during sex, you need to put some extra effort into making her desire you. Try sending some suggestive or downright dirty text messages to her throughout the day. Try wearing clothes you know she likes on you. Draw out the foreplay until she begins to threaten you with physical harm if you don’t satisfy her right this instant :) .

2. Hitting the right spot.

Many women, though not all, have what is known as the G Spot. The most common scientific theory is that the G Spot is actually the base of the clitoris. If you slide your fingers about 2-3 inches in with your lady on her back and you curl your fingers upward toward the ceiling, that is the G Spot. A recent study showed that women who have a G Spot have somewhat thicker skin in that area, somewhat like a callus. It is subtle, but noticeable if you know what you are feeling for.

Now that you know where it is, how do you make sure you are getting to that spot?? Yet another scientific study has shown that men who are most successful at giving their women orgasms during sex have erections that are shaped a special way. Their erections point straight up toward the ceiling and are curved slightly back toward their stomachs.

If you think about where the G Spot is, this makes perfect sense.

What to do if you do not have this type of erection?  Fear not my friends.

An easy way to hit this spot is to prop up your lady’s hips while she is on her back.  This way, you are aiming directly for the G Spot.  One way to do this is to put some pillows under her butt.  You can experiment with the number of pillows and the angle.

A more precise way of making sure you hit the G Spot is to use a Wedge.  The wedge is scientifically designed to ensure her hips are at exactly the right angle.  Women have described using the wedge as going to “G Spot heaven.”  If you want to be the guy that takes her there, seriously consider adding this tool to your orgasm arsenal.

Liberator Wedge Rd

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Is the Reality Female Condom FC2 Better than Male Condoms?

Reality Female Condom FC2 3-Pack Most men and women say yes. The female condom fits inside the vagina, giving the woman control over the contraception choice and allowing the man to feel more free and natural.

Here is what couples like about it:

  • Not restrictive or tight like male condoms
  • Gives a more natural feel for both men and women
  • Heightened sensitivity for both partners
  • Not noisy like the previous version (the FC1)

Buy them here.

Here are the complaints people have about it:

  • Needs some lubrication applied to get the best feel
  • Can be difficult to put on

The difficulties in putting the female condom on can be fixed by watching this video showing you how to use a female condom:

Buy them here.

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What Size Condom Is Right For 5 Inches?

Penis length is not as important when choosing the right size of condom.? Width is the most important factor.? If a condom is too long, you simply do not unroll it all the way and leave the rolled portion down at the base of your penis.

Most condoms are 8 inches long and the vast majority of men are far shorter than 8 inches.? Multiple studies have shown that fully 95% of men are shorter than 8 inches, meaning all except a select few have a portion of the condom? still rolled at the bottom.

The width, or thickness of your penis, is the determining factor when choosing a condom.? To determine this, you should measure how thick around your penis is at the thickest point.? This will tell you whether you need a snug fit, average fit, or large condom.

Check out our condom size chart to figure out the right condom for you after you have measured your thickness.

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UPDATE (April 9) – Use code EMRC20 to get 20% off!

I don’t know how long this promotion will last, so take advantage of this huge discount while you can.


Undercover Condoms has several coupon codes you can use to save money when you buy condoms online.? Here are all the active coupon codes:

STAYCATION – Save 10% on any purchase

UNDERCOVER - Save $5 off any $30 order

In addition, you get free shipping on any order over $29.

Your best bet is to place an order for $35 and use the UNDERCOVER coupon code.? This will get you $5 off and you will still qualify for free shipping.? That would be a total discount of 25%.

My favorite way to order $35 worth of stuff is to get 2 12 packs of Crown Skinless Skin condoms, a Trojan vibrating massager, and a bottle of? Pjur Eros Bodyglide.

That’s a recipe for a whole lotta fun for many nights, my friend.

To use the coupon codes, enter them in the “Special Instructions” section of the checkout form just after the section where you enter your shipping information.? You should see the discount applied to your order once you click “Continue.”? This is before you enter your payment information, so you’ll be able to see your total bill with shipping prior to finalizing anything.

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Recession Leads To More Safe Sex

With daily headlines of economic doom and gloom, many people are deciding that now is not the best time to bring a child into the world.? Who can think of paying for a new baby when nobody knows if their bank will be solvent tomorrow?

Fewer people are going on vacation or nights on the town.? Instead, they are staying home, making a home cooked dinner and entertaining themselves to save money.? When two people are bored in the same house, things are bound to turn to sex.? After all, what better free entertainment is there?

These two important trends result in more people buying and using condoms.? Indeed, Nielsen Co. reported that condom and birth control sales were up 10% in January and February.

My guide to the best condoms can help you get the most pleasurable safe sex that is humanly possible.? Check it out if you find yourself in the same boat as most of the rest of us who want to have some fun at home.

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Move To Greece For More Frequent and Adventurous Sex

Durex Condoms recently conducted a “Sexual Wellbeing Survey.”? I’m not sure what the heck that means, but the findings from the study were crystal clear.

Americans are sexually repressed and Greeks are living the good life out there next to the Mediterranean.? Greeks partake in almost 6 different sexual activities on average, by far the most of any country surveyed.

87% of Greeks reported having sex at least weekly, far ahead of all other countries, including the United States who came in at 53% reporting weekly sex.? 24% of greeks reported having sex 5 or more times a week!? That compares with only 10% globally.

The statistics do not lie.? Living in the United States is not the best place to be if you are looking for frequent, adventurous sex.? Instead, move to Greece, become a cabana boy at some Mediterranean resort, and enjoy the most sexed up country in the world.

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Welcome To

Too many men have the wrong idea about sex and treat their penises like second class citizens.? Sex is the ultimate expression of your masculinity to the lady you love.? It makes you a better man to be the best you can be in the bedroom.

Who doesn’t love that look in her eye after she has an earth shattering orgasm and looks at you like you are king of the world?

This site exists to help you and your lady get the most out of sex.? Come along for the ride.? It’s sure to be entertaining and you just might learn a thing or two along the way.

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