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Condom Size Chart


The Condom Size Chart At The Bottom Of This Page Shows You The Best Fit For Maximum Pleasure

Before we get to the chart, let me explain how to use it.

If you are buying condoms without regard to the size of your penis, you are risking pregnancy, disease, and diminshed pleasure.  The most pleasurable condoms are condoms that fit snugly, but not too tight.  If they are too tight, they will break.  If they are too loose, they will slide off. 

The Condom Conspiracy

What the condom marketers don't want you to know is that the length of a condom does not matter.  Condoms are very strong when you stretch them length-wise.  Their weakness is when you stretch their width.  That is how condoms should be chosen - by width.

An Engineering Wonder

For the maximum pleasure, you'll also want to choose a thin condom.  A few select condom manufacturers have figured out how to engineer ultra thin condoms that are stronger than most of the condoms out there according to Consumer Reports.  It's pretty simple - thinner, stronger condoms mean more pleasure at the same time you are getting better protection from pregnancy and disease. In the case of the Crown Skinless Skins, they are about 50% thinner than the average condom.  That's why they are consistently ranked #1.

The first chart below shows the 5 best condoms in the world by size, and the next chart shows what size category the rest of the condoms fit in.

Which Size Is Best For You?

To see which one might fit you best, check how big around your penis is at the largest point.  If you are around 5 inches, go with the "regular" condoms that are 2 inches wide (the width is measured on flat condoms - it is not the circumference).

If you are less than 5 inches around, go with "snug" condoms that are about 1.75 inches wide.

If you are bigger than 5 inches around, check out the large or "magnum" sized condoms that are more than 2 inches wide.

If you need more headroom, take a look at the condoms that have extra headroom at the bottom of the chart below.

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Condom Size Chart For The 5 Best Condoms Ever Made


Crown Skinless Skin Condoms

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Kimono Micro Thin Condoms

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Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms

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Inspiral Condoms

2" but has
extra head room
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Beyond Seven Sheerlon Latex

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You can find out more about each of these 5 condoms on our
comprehensive condom review page.

Condom Size Chart For The Rest

Snug Fit - Less Than 2 Inches Wide

Regular Fit - 2 Inches Wide

Trojan Supra Polyurethane Condoms <------ Use These If She Is Allergic To Latex

Larger Fit - More Than 2 Inches Wide

Extra Head Room

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Still not sure? Click here for the interactive condom selection guide.